Members have the opportunity to submit photographs/images into four different categories (two print and two digital).


Competition Categories


Judging and Scoring 

Westside Photographic Club employs the Gold, Silver, Bronze award system for judging photographs.  Gold, Silver, or Bronze will be awarded to any images that attain the level as follows:

  • Gold – An Outstanding Photo – has superb visual appeal, a great composition – sharp where required, well defined, technically correct.  The image stands out above the rest at the level being judged.  The Judge considers this image worthy of entering into external competitions.

  • Silver – An Excellent Photo – great visual appeal, most aspects are technically correct.  With some small effort(s) – would earn a Gold award.

  • Bronze – A Good Photo – worthy of a mention and artistically interesting.  Some aspects could be improved, but the author is on the right track.


Scoring.   Points towards Club Champion have been revised and will be allocated as follows:

  • Gold – Five points;

  • Silver – Three points;

  • Bronze – Two points; and

  • plus one point for all entries entered (see Note 1).



  1. Photographs that do not meet the criteria of the competition, regardless of the quality of the photograph, will be disqualified and will not earn any points.

  2. Any image submitted into any club competition that contains potentially defamatory or objectionable content will be referred to the Committee for review and acceptance. The Committee reserves the right to request additional information/documentation relating to the image and the decision of the Committee as to the compliance of the image shall be final.

  3. If a photograph does not achieve at least a Bronze award, it will earn one point for entering.

  4. Any photograph that has won an award (Gold, Silver or Bronze) cannot be re-entered, even into another category. Even if that photograph has been altered but is not substantially different from the original image, it still cannot be re-entered.

  5. Should you be a winner and receive a voucher/prize donated to the club by our sponsors you will be expected to provide your winning images to our sponsors for promotion of their club support.


Definitions For Open Print 

Photograph or image may be either colour or monochrome and can be any subject of your choosing.

Definitions For Open Monochrome 

Photograph or image must be monochrome and can be any subject of your choosing. Monochrome is an image that is black and white or any tone of a single colour. Black and white modified by a partial toning or by the addition of one colour does not qualify.

Definitions For Set Subject Projected Digital 

Photograph or image may be colour or monochrome and comply with the set subject definition for the competition. Please refer to the current program for details of the Set Subjects for current year.

Definition For Open Projected Digital 

Photograph or image may be either colour or monochrome and can be any subject of your choosing.

Number Of Entries

Each member has a limit of ONLY ONE ENTRY in any category. This means each member may only have a total of FOUR (4) ENTRIES – two in Print and two in Digital.



All digital images are to be emailed to the Competition Director at 12 days prior to the competition night. This will usually be midnight TWO Wednesdays before the meeting. Beware! This date creeps up very quickly when the meeting is still about a fortnight away.

Preparation of digital competition entries


Digital entries are required to meet specific requirements.  If digital entries do not meet the following requirements, you will be asked to resubmit your entry if time permits before the deadline. The Digital Images Coordinator will work with you on a best endeavours basis to assist you with meeting the competition requirements if time permits.


Please seek help from the Digital Images Coordinator or a committee member should you need assistance meeting the submission requirements:

  • File type: JPEG, Colour space: sRGB

  • Dimensions:

    • Maximum horizontal size: 1920 pixels and

    • Maximum vertical size: 1080 pixels.

    • Here is a link for instructions on how to resize your digital image using the more popular software.

  • Resolution: 72 pixels per inch

  • Maximum file size: 800 kb (work to between 500kb and 750kb to avoid email transmission variation between platforms – Apple & Microsoft)

  • Identifying Marks on image:  No watermark or any indication of the identity of the photographer is permitted on the image.

  • Naming Digital Image Files: [Comp code]_[Image name]_[Full Name], as follows (and this will assist the Digital Images Coordinator with sorting efficiently):

    • Digital Set Subject Competition:   DS_Butterfly on Flower_David Smith

    • Digital Open Competition:  DO_Butterfly on Flower_David Smith



Print entries are required to be submitted to the competition as follows:

  • Mount/matte board: All prints are required to be mounted with matte board, without any clips or hooks.  The external measurements of the mount must not exceed 40cm x 50cm.

  • Photograph Size:  Minimum size is 13cm x 18 cm (5” x 7”), and maximum size of print is to fit within a 40cm x 50cm matte board.

  • Labelling:  Author’s name, Category and a Title of the photograph must be included on the reverse on the backing board, in the top left-hand corner.

  • Competition Night: Register your photograph/s (Open and/or Monochrome) by 7.15pm with the print coordinating team.



The Members’ Choice Competition is for those members who attend the monthly activity sessions.  These activity sessions endeavor to provide opportunities for members to meet each other and engage in photographic pursuits.

Rules For Members’ Choice Competition

Members who attend the activity session can submit one digital image from the activity to the Members’ Choice Competition to be judged by financial members. The image must be taken on the day, at the activity location and during the activity times set by the coordinator. The image may be colour or monochrome. Only digital images are accepted.

DIGITAL ENTRIES For Members’ Choice Competition

The digital image is to be emailed to the Competition Director at 3 days prior to the meeting night. This will be a Saturday.

Preparation Of Digital Entry

  • Follow the image file requirements set out for the Digital Entries above.

  • Name of Image File: MC_ Image Title_ author’s name.  (MC stands for Members’ Choice)   EXAMPLE: MC_Midnight Express_Diane Smith.jpg

Judging The Members’ Choice Competition

The winners are chosen by a majority vote of Club Members who attend the meeting.

Points are allocated as follows: One point for an entry plus one point for each vote given. The overall winner will receive a $100 voucher from Camera Electronic.