Submitting Images in Lightroom or Photoshop  (Click to open a printable document)

  1. Open an image in Photoshop,

  2. Click on ‘Image’/ ‘Image size’ and a box opens up with the dimensions – height, width, etc in pixels.

  3. Alter one, e.g. height to 1080 pixels and the width will automatically change to a figure less than 1920 pixels.

  4. Check that file size is 800kb or less.

  5. Save.

  1. Import image into Lightroom.

  2. Select ‘Export’ from File menu.

  3. Input file parameters into File Settings and Image Sizing boxes.

  4. Click ‘Export’


FOR MEDIA, WEB ETC. (In any format)

  1. Have the photo open in Photoshop.

  2. Click on File at top LHS, and Click on Save for Web.

  3. This will open a screen with part of the image on it.

  4. At the bottom LHS it will show how big the file is.

  5. At the top RHS  in the second menu down click until JPEG appears (if not already showing).

  6. Down further, tick the box that has “Convert to sRGB”.

  7. Towards the bottom RHS next to the Quality: label, click the menu and click on Bicubic Smoother.

  8. To the left of the Quality sign is the image size. The W (width) and H (height) can be manually adjusted.

  9. Westside currently uses maxima sizes for these as 1920 pixels for W, and 1080 pixels for H.

  10. Try one of these for your image, and look at the image size at the bottom LHS. Keep adjusting the Image size down until the whole image is 800Kb or less at the Lower LHS.

  11. When that is done press ‘save’ once, which brings up a new menu to save the new image in the folder you want to save it in. When the folder is set, press save again.

  12. Then go to your folder and check that it is there!

  1. Select the photos you want to resize, and then on the Edit tab, in the Properties group, click Resize.

  2. Click the Select a size list, and then select a size for your photos. For a custom size, in the Maximum dimensions box, enter the maximum width you want your photos to be. Check that your image is no greater than 1080 pixels high and 800kb or less in size.  Keep adjusting until these dimensions are achieved.

  3. Click Resize and save.

IN IRFANVIEW (Freeware – Download From Here)
  1. Open Image

  2. Click Image  then  Resize/Resample… (or Ctrl+R)

  3. Click the “Set new size:” button and change the height to 1080. Ensure “Preserve Image Ratio” is checked.

  4. Click OK. The image size is now correct.

To change the file size, you need to have the RIOT PlugIn installed (Easy, but ask for help if unsure).

  1. Click Save as… icon. (or press “S”)

  2. A second, smaller “JPEG/GIF save option” dialogue box should appear.

  3. Slide the quality bar to 100.

  4. Check the “Set file size:” box and type in 750 (KB). (Don’t touch the other box settings unless you know what they do.)

  5. In the larger dialogue box, save your image as a different file name, or save to a different folder. VERY IMPORTANT.

  6. Check the file properties to ensure the specifications are correct.